More articles recently awarded us the sustainable travel label. recently awarded us the sustainable travel label.

A nice recognition for our efforts to make traveling more sustainable together with you:
  • Reducing waste: we sort our waste (plastic, glass, paper & cardboard, residual waste). At the pool you will find waste bins for separate collection.
  • Use less water: We only water our plants with efficient drip irrigation. In this way, not a drop is lost in our arid region. You can also help us with the classic (towel-on-the-floor rule). Do you also think about the environment in the shower?
  • Reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gases: Casa Sin Fin is equipped with solar panels from EcoSolarTechnics. In this way we generate our own electricity as much as possible.
  • Support the local community: we buy locally as much as possible and work with local private entrepreneurs for excursions and the like. Curious about what there is to experience? Then contact us quickly!
  • Protect nature: we mainly live outdoors all summer and are so much closer to nature than when we lived in Belgium. We also like to preserve the local fauna. Even if they come and eat our plants from time to time.

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Published 05-04-2022 / Copyright © Casa Sin Fin