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FAQ - frequently asked questions

FAQ - frequently asked questions

What should we bring ourselves?

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Which airport is most suitable?

The following airports are possible to easily reach B&B Casa Sin Fin:
  • Almeria (45 minutes by car from our B&B)
  • Murcia (1h15 min...)
  • Alicante (…2 hours…)
  • Málaga (…3.5 hours…)
We really like the Antwerp-Murcia connection from Tui because these are 2 small airports where you can easily check in and out.
But at the above airports, various large companies (SN Brussels, Transavia, Ryanair, Tui,…) have a wide range.

Is the domain accessible with a wheelchair?
Room Nicolas is the most accessible because it is located at the top. But our garden has different levels. Send us your interest in this room on simple request and we will send you a video in which you can properly assess the situation.

Do we need a car?
Our B&B is about 3 km from the village of Bédar. You can walk to the village.
In the summer, this is a nice walk, given the heat! ;-)
We recommend a car during your stay with us!

Is there a minimum stay?
There is a minimum stay of 7 nights.

What weather can we expect in ...?
We are often asked: “How is the weather in…?”
The official answer can be found here
In brief:
Our region (Andalusia, province of Almeria) is one of the driest in Spain.
If it does rain, it is usually in the form of showers.
The total precipitation here is on average less than 200 mm/year.
Also from January to May the average monthly rainfall is less than 20mm/month.
For comparison in Belgium, this is 910mm/yr and 100mm/month in winter, respectively.
We have an average of 2800 hours of sunshine a year.
The maximum temperature is on average 25°C (annual average). Even from November to March, the average maximum temperature is still 15-20°C.

For questions about pets, smoking and liability, please refer to our house rules

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Published 13-01-2022 / Copyright © Casa Sin Fin